About the Blogger

My name is Victoria. I’m 24 years old, currently finishing off a Masters in Interpreting Studies at the University of Malta (M. Interp). I also hold a BA (Hons.) degree in English from the University of Malta (class of 2016), and currently am working as a teacher in an English language school and as a freelance proof reader. Currently, my plan (and dream) is to move out of Malta, which I am working very hard on fulfilling. I also intend on writing more and more academic pieces, hopefully leaving my footprint on the world of academia at some point.

I lived in Limerick, Ireland for 4 months at a point, which was a pivotal moment in my life. Though I love Malta for all its worth, Limerick was the place I truly matured and grew into myself. Living away from home was the bet decision I ever made, really.

As for the more personal things…

  • I’m an Aries/ENFJ/Slytherin
  • I’m an auntie to the best four year old in the world
  • I have been acting for as long as I remember, and have also tried a stint at play writing and directing
  • I love literature and all art forms
  • My most defining feature is my curly hair and my very loud laugh
  • I struggle with cognitive anxiety and clinical depression, which has cost me a lot of my energy, friendships, and relationships in the past, but is now something that I am learning to deal with
  • I love to travel, and try to go to one new place ever year. I save up my money purely to travel as much as possible
  • I grew up reading the Harry Potter series, which my older brother introduced me to
  • Coincidentally, my older brother was probably one of my biggest influences growing up
  • I firmly believe that the part of ‘Ariel’ (The Tempest) was made for me to perform, as was the part of ‘Angelo’ (Measure for Measure)
  • I spent a good portion of my life thinking of myself as a ‘sad poet’. I don’t think I’ve moved past that part of my life yet

I hope this has created a bit of an insight about the person I am. I welcome any and all messages or questions that anybody has about my writing or about me.

Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for daily quotes, updates about life in general, and events if you live in Malta!

Read my interviews below!


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