It was after the third date that they started to be seen together on campus.

Kendra walked out of her Medieval Europe II lecture to find Arian sitting near the door, her head bent over a large, dusty old book that rested in her knees. She kicked at her with the toe of her boot, and Arian looked up, grinning widely and closing the book with a dusty sound.

“What are you reading?”

“Not important,” she grinned, and held out a hand to Kendra to help her stand up. As she did, she reached up on tip toes, kissing her quickly and softly; she wouldn’t have noticed the kiss had happened if it weren’t for the way her cheeks turned a little red at the contact.

“You free this hour?”


“Cool, wanna get something to eat?”

Kendra shrugged, giving a half-smile that grew when Arian produced a small folded piece of paper from her pocket.

“Oh, I was practicing some origami last night, and since I can’t afford to buy you an actual rose…” She unfolded the paper, and it unfurled into a paper rose, slightly crumpled around the edges. Blushing, Kendra took it in the palm of her hand and smiled.

“Thank you.”

“Shall we?” Arian said, the grin on her face recognizable from the laughter in her voice.

Kendra took her hand and let her lead her towards the nearest coffee shop.