Sitting in the boughs of the tree they had deemed their base, Kendra spread her hands open over her knees, palms up. The foliage around her reflected through the light and turned everything into a slight tinge of green. Looking up at the glimpses of blue sky through the wide leaves, she took a deep breath, and clenched her right fist closed.

Just like we practiced, she told herself, taking another breath.

She muttered what words she could remember, hoping that she remembered everything, and felt heat start to rise from her left hand. A coldness spread through her right hand, and she brought them together, chancing a peek as she curled her left hand’s fingers over her right hand’s fist. A soft, green glow started to break through the gaps in her fingers, and when she opened her right hand, the light spread in the air around her for a while before disappearing. A small, red rose bud lay in the palm of her right hand, some remains of green light still clinging to its petals. She blew them off with a quick puff, and stared at the little thing in her palm.