“So. Second date?”

“Well, maybe if you’d kiss me first, I could decide on that.”

Arian laughed, and it rang loud and clear in the still night air that seemed to float around them. She skipped into the middle of the road, spreading her arms and turning around in a twirl, her open jacket fluttering around her, making her look almost like she had wings.

“The moment has to be perfect.”

Kendra joined her in the middle of the road, but she jogged off before she could grab her, her laughter bouncing off the neatly mowed lawns and coming back to Kendra. She grinned as the girl skipped around the road clumsily, yelling things at her that sounded a lot like ‘Catch up!’

She put on a burst of speed, grabbing the hem of her jacket swiftly and pulling her closer. Arian didn’t protest, just slung her arms around Kendra’s shoulders and pressed their foreheads together. She closed her eyes and breathed in, stopping her legs in their tracks and standing there, feeling Kendra’s breath crashing against her cheek.

“Perfect now?”

The street was so quiet; there was no way that they weren’t alone in that moment. The entire universe seemed to have halted, simply as a favour to them. Have your moment, the darkness seemed to say, I won’t disturb.

Arian propped herself on tip toes, her fingers digging into whatever bits of Kendra’s clothes she could catch onto. A warmth exploded at the base of her skull, and the only thing that felt real was the ground beneath their feet; and even that was slowly fading.

When she let go, letting the cold, dewy air come between them again, Arian unwrapped her arms from Kendra’s clothes and took a step back, pointing down the street.

“Which house do you live in again?”