“This is like an adventure,” Kendra laughed as she spread her arms on the grass, closing her eyes. “Like we’re little kids again.”

“That’s the point,” Arian fell down beside Kendra, hooking her legs as she sat, and propping her chin in the palms of her hands. “Just to have fun.”

“You’re fun,” she affirmed, opening one eye to glance up at her. “And cute.”

Arian blushed, hitting at the other girl with her hand, lightly. Her fingers touched the fabric of Kendra’s button-down sweater and she suddenly became hyper aware of everything around her.

The feeling of the grass beneath her jeans, the way her crossed legs were cramping slowly, the moon light glistening off a puddle nearby, Kendra’s eyes (now open) looking up at her in three different shades of blue.

She positioned her head next to Kendra’s, lying down on her back and staring up at the night sky with her, reaching for her hand slowly.

“You’re not gonna kiss me?”

“You’ll ruin the moment,” she answered, closing her eyes and squeezing on Kendra’s hand lightly. “The world is quiet right now. I’d like to enjoy that for a minute.”