A student of mine recently told me
that if all the octopus
went extinct
he wouldn’t give a shit.

“They don’t contribute to anything,”
he said,
“why should I care?”

What most of us fail to realize
is that if you remove
all the frogs from the pond,
we’ll have a lot more flies
than we bargained for.

Two hundred years ago,
a silly-looking bird
with a silly-sounding name
was hunted out of existence.

In my lifetime
a rhinoceros has
bid us farewell,
never to be seen,
or gawked at,

“But,” you might say,
with your confidence
oozing out like
poison from a scorpion’s stinger,
“we’ve never seen it happen here.
We haven’t hunted things
to breaking point.”

To which
I direct you
to spring hunting.

I’ll leave you with this:
hundreds of years ago,
the white barn owl
was a part of Maltese ornithology,
but you don’t see them anymore,
do you?