My first book review about a Maltese book! Let’s dive into it.

I, sadly, do not read enough in my native tongue. I find Maltese boring sometimes, and a bit difficult to follow. It’s not an easy language to read or write, and sometimes I find myself reading words I had no idea even existed. Half the time I’m reading Maltese all I can think is ‘That looks like a fake word but OK’.

Basically, reading Maltese for me is like a non-English native speaker seeing the word ‘yacht’ but constantly.

Nevertheless, I read this book in its entirety, and let me just say…

What the fuck.

This book is supposedly the story of one of the most beautiful women in the world, named Ineż, who lives a quiet, pure life. One day, she completely disappears, and the story isn’t about her anymore, but about the man suspected to have killed her – Gużeppi, a young boy who was completely in love with her and was just about to ask her father to marry her. The book spans the next nine years as Gużeppi is imprisoned, and then released, and then returns back to Malta, and then finds out what really happened to Ineż. It’s an entire clusterfuck of things happening one after the other, which is fine. But as a famous critic once said – ‘Mere busyness in a story’s middle does not necessarily mean plot’ (quoted from memory so may be incorrect).

In fact, I wouldn’t even call this plot ‘busy’, because most of the novel is spent describing things and people’s family history. I might be biased saying that I don’t like this when I just wrote a review about Wuthering Heights and said I enjoyed it, when Bronte’s novel does the exact same thing. But here’s the thing: at least Bronte’s novel doesn’t leave you hanging half the time.

If you’re reading this, Michela (who lent me the book in the first place), I’m so sorry I couldn’t enjoy this book more than you hoped I would. The fact that the ending is so fucking unsatisfactory, and that everything takes so long to materialize is just the complete bane of my existence. I finished this book, because I made a promise to myself that I would, but I will probably never turn to it for a second read.

Final rating: 2/5. I mean, the story’s OK, but just don’t waste too much time on this, ya know?

Buy it here, maybe.

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