“Aw. Yeah!” Mike yelled as he ran out of the lecture hall, ignoring the shushing sounds coming from the invigilators in other exam rooms. He rushed up to Arian and picked her up in one fell grab, spinning her around and almost hitting a passing teacher in the face with her legs.

“It’s officially summer!”

“Big guy, put me down!”

He obeyed, and she laughed as she patted down her hair, looking up at him. “So, how’d it go?”

“Pretty well, I’m expecting a B, ya know?”

“You should always strive for an A, my friend.”

“Don’t worry, Arian, I like Bs. They’re the first letter of my favourite word, anyway.”

“Oh my god,” she muttered, and he could hear her roll her eyes, even though he had stooped down to tie his shoes.

“Yes, you guessed it-”


“No, breasts, but close!”

She laughed, the laugh that she couldn’t help but throw her head back to make, the one he loved to hear, because it definitely meant she was happy somehow. He straightened up and smiled down at her.

“Any plans?”

“Kendra’s not gonna be done for another 3 hours. I was thinking we could go to the park and wait for her to be done.”

“Sounds like a plan!”