“Isn’t it weird that our houses are connected by the back garden fences?”

“More like fate,” she giggled as she pressed her lips to Kendra’s, silencing her momentarily and sighing with content. “Seriously, I can’t believe you – this amazingly good kisser – have been hiding behind the apple tree in our garden this entire time.”

“The same apple tree that drops apples all over our fucking garden coz its boughs are hanging too low over the fence.”

“We’ll fix it someday,” Arian apologized, her face nuzzling down under Kendra’s chin and rubbing her nose lightly against her collar bone. “But today, I am alone at home, and you’re here, and we’ve got the entire weekend to do…whatever.”

“Mmm…whatever sounds nice.”

“What’s your whatever, then?”

“Wanna watch a movie?” 

Arian shot straight up, grabbing the remote off the coffee table and aiming it at the television.

“I’ve got every streaming service you can think of. Let’s go!”