“You’ve got something on your…” Arian mumbled, reaching out to brush away a strand of hair from Kendra’s face, twirling it around her forefinger as she did. “Your hair’s soft today.”

“Thanks, new conditioner.”

The sun was shining very brightly, a sure sign that the semester – and spring – would be over any day now. Most people were in the library, banging their heads against books and overindulging in caffeine in a last attempt to get some work done before deadlines loomed closer. Arian would have been with them if it weren’t for the wonderful day – not too hot, nice breeze, no clouds – and the fact that Kendra wanted to take a break from studying for once.

“Ugh, you two are disgustingly cute.”

Kendra rolled her eyes at Naomi, who was lounging near them on the grass, her sunglasses hiding her eyes perfectly. “Thanks, I think?”

“Oh no, it’s cute and all. Just makes the rest of us jealous sometimes.”

Arian laughed, throwing her legs over Kendra’s and leaning back onto the green beneath her, closing her eyes. “Yeah, coz we’re obviously winning Couple of the Year by a long shot here.”

“Better than most of us,” the gruff voice behind her ear muttered, and Kendra threw a hand in the air, waving it slightly.

“Your dream girl will be here soon, Mike.”

“Not really something I want to hear from my lesbian best friends who’ve been together for…how long has it been now?”

“A year and a half as of last Tuesday,” Arian listed off automatically, a large grin painting her face as Kendra swatted at her knee. “But, eh…who’s counting?”

“Surprised you didn’t list down the time as well,” Naomi snickered, and Arian rose up on her elbows, the tone of a mock argument creeping into her voice.

“I’ll have you know that I can tell you exactly how long it has been since our first kiss-”

“Not worth it, honey,” Kendra shushed her, untangling their legs to lie down next to her. “Let them be jealous,” came the joke, and any other protests and jibes were left alone as the mid-day sun continued to beat down on them.