“Oh, look, what a surprise!”

“Naomi, no.”

“There’s only one empty seat left in this entire library floor!”

“Naomi I swear to God in Heaven above.”

“And it’s right next door to that lovely English major who thinks you’re cute!”

“You don’t know that!”

“Oh, she’s definitely an English major.”

“No, the ‘thinks I’m cute’ part.”

“Oh, please, it’s obvious. Now, go sit next to her and be a good little lesbian and go on a date!”

“I hate you so much.”

Nevertheless, Kendra sat down and made to open her book, but not before shooting a quick glance at the girl, who was staring back at her as if she was made of gold and had come to grant her three wishes.

“Hi,” she mouthed.

“Uhm…” the other girl said, her hands halfway between turning the page of a book. “Hello…”

Kendra merely turned to her own books, trying very hard not to blush, and trying to ignore how the girl next to her was positively beaming.