A flock of birds swooped past Kendra’s window early that morning, and she rustled her face into the pillow and breathed in the scent of the sheets. She stretched an arm out, hitting the mess of clothes and skin next to her, remembering the previous night, and simply dug her fingers into Arian’s t-shirt, pulling her closer.


“Uuuhhh…” she groaned, her face hidden by her messy hair, completely tangled up into what looked something like a bird’s nest.

“Honey,” she leaned in closer, “you fell asleep in my bed again.”

“Shit,” she mumbled, rolling over onto her back and turning her head enough to look at Kendra, one eye opening lazily. “Did I hog the covers again?”

“Afraid so, my dear.”

She didn’t do anything other than throw her hands over Kendra’s waist, pulling her closer and mumbling “I am a terrible girlfriend” into the other girl’s lips as she planted a kiss. Kendra giggled, pulling her face away to stare at the ceiling.

“You have morning breath.”

“Fine,” Arian sighed playfully, resting her head under Kendra’s chin and leaving her arm dangling around her waist. “What time is it?”

“Like six in the morning?”

“We didn’t sleep much then.”

“Hmm…” Kendra brought a hand up to Arian’s hair, patting it down. “You wanna stay for breakfast or?”

“I don’t think your parents would be too happy about you and me sharing a bed, Ken.” She got up, the sleepiness in her voice suddenly gone, and crawled over Kendra to the edge of the bed, feeling around on the floor for her sweater.

“Not like anything happened, you know,” Kendra sat up in bed, brushing her own hair out of her face and watching her girlfriend walk around the room in search of her shoes. “You just slept here.”

“Your parents don’t know that.”

“It’s not the first time you’ve slept over.”

“Might be the last though.”



She turned around so swiftly, Kendra thought she heard her neck crack.

“My parents aren’t like yours.”

Arian huffed once before picking up her runners and brought a hand up to her head, scratching at her forehead with her eyes closed, a frown forming in the space between her eyes and nose.

“I’ll just come back the way I came, OK?”

She knew there was no arguing with Arian when she was like this, so Kendra just watched her walk to the door, double back quickly to plant a small kiss on her forehead, then rush back to the door and tip toe out. Thirty seconds later, she had jumped over the creaky last step near the front door. Thirty five seconds later, she heard the back door open, and without having to look out the window she knew Arian was running across her back yard and vaulting over the fence on the other side, walking through the (mostly dead) fields that separated their houses from each other.