“That girl is staring at you.”

Kendra almost did a double take when Naomi, her friend of twelve years who had never once lied to her, said that.

“Don’t tease me.”

I’m not! That girl sitting near the History section keeps looking over at you!”

She snuck a look at the girl who looked like she was about ready to start slamming her head into the over-used library desk repeatedly. Her headphones were too big for her head (they were literally slipping off her hair onto her forehead) and she was chewing the pencil in her mouth like a demented beaver. She was wearing a shirt that looked about two sizes too big for her, and surrounding her were about five different text books, all about the same thing (as far as she could tell, Shakespeare).

As luck would have it, the girl looked up at her before Kendra could look away.

Blushing, she turned her eyes back down to her work, mumbling to herself about how stupid studying about old white men who ruined everything was, but Naomi was quick to nudge her and bring her back down to the library second floor and away from the nineteenth century.


“She’s smiling.”

Sure enough, when Kendra tried her luck with another look at the girl, she had a silly grin on her face.