Sometimes you update often, sometimes updates take a month to get to you. *shrug*

Whatever, man.

It’s been a pretty good time in class so far, with skills improving and friendships getting stronger. My course mates and I went to eat at a super fancy restaurant together, which was nice – we finally got some time together where we didn’t discuss the course at all and just got to know each other better.


It’s also been getting tougher in the course, with new skills being added into our repertoire and new responsibilities. Tensions run pretty high in class sometimes, but it’s fine because we at least are all under the same amount of stress here.

Today we were introduced to simultaneous interpreting, which is basically working in a booth while someone is speaking. Instead of writing notes and then speaking after the speaker has finished their speech, simultaneous interpretation is…well…simultaneous. We have a few seconds between what the speaker has said and when we have to speak to interpret what they just said, and it can be pretty stressful.

But god damn, being in the booth is fun as fuck!

Booth mate!! ♥

This whole course is proving to be a challenge and a half, and I’m loving every second of it!

On other matters, this weekend will include one of my favourite yearly activities: Comic Con! I go every year, and this year I was lucky enough to score free tickets from a friend (thanks man ♥) so GUESS WHO’S GOING TO GO GEEK OUT OVER THINGS!!!

I’ve also spent the past few days binge watching Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole, and if you’ve never heard of it and enjoy crude jokes involving puppets, then you should definitely give this very short lived series a try!

When it comes to music, I’ve recently sat myself down and listened to both Bastille and Twenty One Pilots, with the result of downloading a good number of their songs on Spotify because holy shit. I’ve posted my favourites below:

I’ve not been doing much reading lately, but I’ll be trying to catch up with my novels soon, and will let you all know what I think of them in my usual book reviews.

For now, I’m just enjoying the feeling of being good at what I do, and the cold that’s finally settled in on the island.

Until next time ♥