Holy shit, though, have you guys seen the movie for this book?!

I know it looks like one of those ridiculous stories that you watch once and just forget about, but allow me to explain how great this thing is.

Written by Seth Grahame-Smith of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies fame, the book follows a man who is currently editing the unabridged, never-before-seen diary of Abraham Lincoln, a man who everyone thought they knew. The book is an extremely accurate retelling of the life of Lincoln, from early childhood down to the last few days before his death. Grahame-Smith shows off his amazing research skills here, and gives you the impression that he actually knows what he’s talking about.

Grahame-Smith takes you through Lincoln’s life with a different kind of lens this time, though. See, Lincoln’s mother died from a vampire bite, and the young Lincoln becomes a vampire hunter before he’s even eighteen years old, decided to rid his great nation of the scourge of the earth. Everything he does, he does for his mother.

The whole thing is a pretty interesting look at American politics, especially for a person like me, an outsider on all fronts. I’m not very familiar with American politics, and can’t even tell you what party Lincoln belonged to, just that I know he was President. It’s a great way to get a glimpse at American history, and – I’m sure – a great refresher for people who are actually American.

What I loved most about the whole thing is the way Grahame-Smith incorporates things that actually happened into the story to make it seem almost-pretty-believable. Lincoln’s entire anti-slavery campaign is secretly based around the fact that slaves are bought by vampires to feed from. He comes to the conclusion that abolishing slavery would deplete the vampire’s food source, and therefore make more people safe. The whole thing is almost insane enough to believe, and the ending is a bitter-sweet little ‘What if?’ for all of us who know how Lincoln met his untimely demise.

Final rating: 4/5. I’d tell anyone who likes fantasy novels to give this book a shot.

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