Jesus, things happen so fast sometimes, don’t they?

So the end of this week means we’re only a few days away from the one thing I’ve been waiting for since July – Graduation! I’m so super excited for this, especially since it means I’ll be travelling to Ireland just a few days later for five days to see my favourite person in the world again ♥

This week was pretty eventful in terms of my Masters, because something super important and exciting happened. Yes, folks, I’m talking about the fact that we started note-taking this week!

Note taking is an important part of our profession. While most interpreting is done in a booth, and is therefore simultaneous, a part of learning how to Conference Interpret is also involves consecutive interpretation, where you produce a speech after someone has spoken, rather than during. This involves a lot of memory work, a lot of vocabulary and fact-checking, and a lot of note taking.

Honestly, I’m enjoying the note-taking aspect. It’s actually introduced a new element to this whole profession which makes me appreciate the work that’s expected of me way more now.

Also, I’d be lying if I said I never wanted to be a part of a society/group of people who use codes and symbols as a way of writing. Because this shit is dope as fuck.

(Pardon my French.)

Monday was the day I also went to kickboxing and was moved to the front of the line! For those of you who don’t understand how important this is, let me put it this way – the only people who are normally allowed to stand at the very front of the class during sessions are the people who have (a) been at the Dojo for a while (b) are pretty good. I’m probably part of the former group, but it was still a huge deal to be moved forward! I also learned a new move that involves a cross between a pirouette and a roundhouse kick, and it’s fun as hell to do, so I’ve literally taken any excuse to do it at home.

Usually, those excuses just mean my boredom, or wanting to impress my niece, or wanting to give my mum a brief scare. But whatever.

The rest of the week passed pretty uneventfully, apart from more note-taking at University. On Wednesday, I went to a lecture given by Her Excellency Federica Mogherini though, who is Vice President of the European Commission and the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Police in the European Union. It was one of the most interesting seminars I’ve ever been to, and definitely further ingrained a love of the topic I’m studying into me; there is so much left for me to learn, but I’m enjoying learning it.

In other small news

  • I applied for my driving test, so I’ll hopefully have a driving license by the beginning of next year
  • I got my hair dyed a nice shade of purple for graduation
  • I bought shoes for my graduation ceremony, finally completing my outfit ♥
  • I ended up going to an unexpected dinner with my girl friends last Thursday and a house party on Friday, which was nice because being around friends is always one of the best things ever ♥
  • I received a book in the mail! The Stepford Wives will be a new addition to my reading list soon enough!

What to expect next week: Posts about graduation, about my travelling, about all the exciting things I’ll get up to in Ireland, and more book reviews! Until then, stay safe, lovelies ♥