You know what I love? Theater.
You know what I also love? Writing about things I love.
Funny how these things work out when you have a blog.

I promised myself last September that I would do my best to go to as many productions as I possibly could from now on. So I promptly went and booked as many shows as I could. Next month, I’m going to my first concert (!), but this month, I went to five local productions, featuring local talent, and a few people I actually knew personally.


The Sound of Music

Let me just start off by saying that I love musicals. I have been to five West End productions to date, I will not miss any opportunity to watch a live show, and if I know the lyrics  I will sing god damn it.

That being said, despite all the hype surrounding this production, it wasn’t all it was cut out to be.

I love the Mediterranean Conference Center, where the play was put up, but damn was the stage too big for them. While the actors did they best they could do with such an enormous space, it sometimes felt like they were a bit too lost on it, especially in scenes involving the Abbey. The sets, however, were absolutely gorgeous, and incredibly intricate.

The cast was to die for – the Von Trapp children were absolutely perfect, especially little Greta, who almost made me cry due to how absolutely adorable she was ♥ The actress portraying Maria brought Julie Andrews’ charisma and voice to the stage in a way that felt like I was actually watching the Dame herself up there, dancing around and singing about her wonderful home in the mountains. This production kept as close as it could to the original musical, editing bits along the way to make it easier to act on a stage that wasn’t meant to actually host a musical of this kind. If I could change one thing, I would change the fact that The Lonely Goat Herd wasn’t sang with puppets. ((Give me my yodelling puppets!!!))

What did not work in the play’s favour at all was time. For a production that tried as hard as it did to stick to the original, and did so well, it also dragged itself out to the point where people were getting restless and tired by the end. It being a Sunday night when I went, I was quite surprised (and I admit, a little pissed off) to see that the play didn’t actually end until almost midnight. While I admire their commitment to the original, it would have served them better to rearrange the script in a way to make it not so long and tedious to watch; they would definitely have gained favour with their audience if they had.

Did I enjoy it? Yes, immensely. Would I watch it again? Probably not. Maybe if I knew it wouldn’t take up almost 4 hours, though.