They’ve started constructing right outside my house again, which sucks, because the construction noise doesn’t stop until around 6pm. Not that I’m home to really be annoyed by it much, but it’s still quite a pain in the ass. Especially considering they start drilling and digging and grinding metal to metal at around 7.30am every day.

I’m pretty sure that’s illegal, too, but whatever.

This week, while a relatively quiet one, still had a few interesting things happening during it. For starters, an Interpreter who works full time in the EU Parliament visited and stayed with us, as a sort-of guest lecturer, for 4 days. He brought with him the expertise and knowledge that twenty years of experience in the EU normally brings with it, and it helped a lot to be able to talk to someone who’s out there in the field every day, and has been for a very long time. Massimo made me realize that I do want this job for myself, even if the ‘getting there’ is pretty tough in the first place.

I also realized that I’m becoming steadily closer to my course mates as time goes on, which is great, because we’re spending every day together for at least five hours a day, so it’s good that we get along the way we do.

Sadly, there was some bad news this week. I had been aiming for delivering a speech during my graduation ceremony happening in two weeks time. I went through an interview process and everything, submitting a speech I thought was both funny and pretty well thought out. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the speech myself; I don’t know who did. It made me a little bit sad, as I really was confident that it would be me.

Luckily, the day I found out was also the day I returned to kick boxing after a few weeks away from the sport. My body is very sore, but at least I let out all the frustration.

I’ve decided to collect addresses from friends all around the world this week, and have promptly decided to not only send them Christmas cards when the time comes, but to also send them letters as a way of keeping in touch. I love receiving mail – always have and always will – and I believe that sometimes, a letter addressed to you can brighten up your entire day. I’d like to extend that to everybody I care about who lives in another country.

When it comes to less important and eventful happenings, this week was full of them. I watched The Nightmare Before Christmas twice this week already, because I am of the firm belief that Jack Skellington and myself are the same person (deeply insecure and unnecessarily dramatic). I also rediscovered my love of My Chemical Romance, and made myself cry listening to The Black Parade on repeat last Wednesday. My brother and I made movie-and-dinner plans for when Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them finally airs in Malta, and I finally went and ordered myself some clothes and a book online, which always makes me happy to know I have money to spare on these little things that brighten my mood. My proof-reading business has really kicked off, with offers pouring in every few weeks, so there’s a nice income coming in over there.

Really, life isn’t too bad when you see how the nice little things are much more frequent than the big ol’ baddies.