“You’re early,” she yawned before stepping out onto the porch, the flannel shirt she was wearing completely crooked off one shoulder, as if she’d dressed while she was still half asleep.

“Yeah, thought we’d get an early start and not get stuck in traffic for once,” the other one grinned, handing her a thermos full of coffee. “You OK to drive?”

“Yeah, after some coffee I will be.”

The cool morning mist still hung around them, a harsh reminder that spring wasn’t upon them just yet. The early days of March were always like this, and they both liked it this way. The street was quiet, and the only actual noise that they heard was the revving up of cars and the opening and closing of doors as people around the block got ready to leave for work.

“We’re really early.”

“Oh come on, Ar! Let’s just drive to campus, get a nice parking spot, and you can sleep in the car when we get there, how’s that?”

Arian didn’t have the heart to say no to her companion’s smile and sparkling eyes, so she simply jingled the car keys in her pocket.