True to her promise, Kendra did let Arian sleep in the car for about fifteen minutes, watching as the campus parking lot slowly started to fill up with people who struggled to park and staggered to class. Arian woke up to Kendra listening to the radio, singing along softly to the music, and just smiled at her, this girl with the rough ponytail of auburn hair and light green eyes.

“I hate going to class so early.”

“Come on, at least you finish classes at noon.”

“True.” She groaned and sat up in the driver’s seat, looking around the car. “Wanna do something after that?”

“Like what?”

“Go back through the Portal?”


“Yeah, you liked it, didn’t you?”

Kendra thought for a second before reaching a hand out to Arian’s, the one around the thermos.

“Yeah, of course.”