Ooh, it’s been a while since I posted something like this, but here we go!

Introducing to you all, with great pride and joy, my baby for the last two years – Magical (working title)! I’ve been writing this since around February of 2015, and have seriously not yet finished it because of how large it’s become. Magical was meant to be a short story, but its taken on a mind of its own and is well on the way to becoming a novella (only 5,000 words to go until it is!).

If you’ve been on the blog for a while, then you may remember reading my short story ‘Acceptance, Or the Lack Thereof‘. This short story introduced you all to Arian and Kendra, the leading ladies of Magical. The short story takes place five years after the events of Magical, and I’ve always treated it as a mini-sequel to everything.

Here, in all its glory, is the beginning of Magical! I’ll be posting as regularly as possible, with posts being split up into Real Time and Flashback to make life easier for everyone. The story is not completely finished yet, but I’m hoping that you’ll all enjoy this journey with the three of us (myself, Arian, and Kendra) as much as we’ve enjoyed living through it!