As part of a task for my Creative Writing II class, we were asked to write a poem related to a work of art of our choice. This is mine, based off Non Parto, Non Resto by Allighiero Boetti.

Some stories end on
On carefully planned stops
That leave everybody wondering
What could have gone wrong.

I don’t want to stay,
Trapped in these lines
That don’t seem to go where
I want them to.

I don’t want to leave,
Dragging unanswered questions
And grief
In a trail of letters behind me.

I don’t want to be the reason
Somebody cries at night;
The reason a friend
Wonders ‘Why?’ and
‘What could I have done more?’

I don’t want to leave,
But these commas
And long breaths
Filled with the looks my father gives me
And the words my mother snaps
Have become too much.

I am not a Sybil
Who wishes for death;
But I will not fight it either.