I have seen your face before;

It lights up a part of my memory
That I keep hidden,
Or forgotten,
With a burst of colours that puts
Everything into perspective.

I remember you standing at the rail,
Watching the sea for land
We would soon call a new home.

I have seen you
In a ballroom suffocated with suits
And ruffles;
You offered me a flute of
‘the true taste of joy’
And we danced all night.

I saw you once
In the hollow of the earth,
Eyes shut, mouth moving,
Hugging yourself
As the world fell to rubble above and outside.

We locked eyes once,
Across the fires they’d lit in the streets;
The police were grabbing us off
One by one
Ostracized soul by soul;
You grabbed a brick and threw it, too,
Yelling into their rioted faces.

And now here we are,
Across the library,
With our eyes locked again,
And colours bursting in my head.

I’ve waited a lifetime for this.