I get defensive when anybody I know
Speaks poison with your name.

So what if you’ve made enemies?
Most of us have,
And my opinion will not be swayed.

You may try yourself to tell me
That you’re not particularly friendly
To those who have wronged you;

But the fact remains
That you still make an effort
To meet up with me for food
At least once a month;

And you still treat me
Like I’m worth your time;

And you take an interest
In whatever it is I have to say;

And you still make stupid jokes
Over milkshakes
About Final Frontiers
And prattle on about giraffes;

And you still act
As if we’re made to be friends,
With our inside jokes and our little dates
(There’s a reason I say we’re ‘practically married’).

Even if you do have enemies,
You’ve not made one out of me,
And the fact that
Buying me a hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day
When I felt like everything was falling apart,
Was something you once did for me,
Tells me it might not happen soon, either.