There is little good
That can come
From spilling your guts.

If you do,
Prepare for the worst.


Routine can be good.
Routine brings back
Old acquaintances
And chases away
Too-friendly demons.

Routine can be welcome
After a month of stagnation.


Adulthood is good.
Adulthood feels like
Finally having a small piece
Of your hectic and confusing life
Finally making sense.

A year above twenty
Feels like an accomplishment.


Nothing says ‘Welcome back’
Like sunny days
And friends who shaped your life;
Eating ice cream on the green
And knowing this is
Where you belong.


You never realize
How beautiful life is
Until you see a one-year old
Smile and clap
In pure glee
Because someone lit wax on fire
And started singing
(Even if she doesn’t know
It’s all for her).


No matter how hard
You think you’re not working,

Someone else will always
Look at you
And see that you’ve worked your fingers
Down to a gritty bone
And appreciate
And tell you

And knock some sense back
Into your exhausted academic mind.


Ignore anyone
Who complains about work
If the work you do
Is the one thing that feels
As if it’s a hobby,
And not a pay check you have to
Give up time for.


Working hard will reap rewards,
Especially when those rewards
Will last an entire life time.


Sometimes, the best way to see
A country you’re only partly familiar with
Is through train tracks.


Appearances can be deceiving.

Appearances can
Ruin friendships
If they’re not dealt with accordingly.


Never trust a face you can’t see,
Especially when lips make promises
That sink ships
Full of expectations.


There is always time to meet new people,
And to fall in love with
New places
New faces
New times and new tastes.

It is never too late
To add flavor to your life.