I didn’t really care that my costume was so itchy; I was too excited with the idea that I was actually at the midnight premiere. I absent-mindedly fixed my vest and flexed my hands. We’d been waiting in line for an hour to get in, and it was almost time and so, so close…

For the fifth time that night, the Darth Vader group started a rousing rendition of ‘The Imperial March’, and just as they reached the apex of their tune, a hand clamped onto my shoulder.

“Don’t kill me, but I switched seats with someone.”

I turned and started hitting the mass of fur behind me with my plastic gun, yelling. “No! Dude, what the fuck?! Chewbacca and Han Solo have to sit near each other!”

“Dude, I swear it’s for a good reason!”

“I don’t care how hot she is, get her number now and talk to her after the movie!”

“Will you just relax?!” He placed his giant fur paws on me and shook my shoulders slightly. “I’ll see you after the show.”

The door opened, and I was swept through with the crowd of fans. I had time to grab a packet of sour worms and a Dr Pepper before preview started, and soon I was in my seat, completely forgetting that my Chewbacca was sitting three rows up and next to a pretty good Darth impersonator.

“Excuse me? Hi…” a voice started on my left, and I looked up at the buns and rosy cheeks of Princess Leia.

Or…a pretty good look-a-like, anyway.


“Wow, that Chewy was right, you are a good Han.”

She sat down and opened her root beer, settling into her seat.

“My twin brother wanted to dress up as Vader instead of as Luke, which left me looking like an idiot.”

“He’s the idiot; you guys had the perfect opportunity!”

“Right?! But, anyway, Han and Leia is a good combo.”

I was glad the lights were dimming, but I’m pretty sure she saw my blushing anyway.