When you know that
Your writing isn’t new
Or that it might never be
As good as those
Faithful beings
Who started the motion
In the first place…
What do you do?

You write.

You write more.

You embrace
Knowing that you are
Starting off,
Simply newly emerged –
A butterfly encased in books
And famous phrases –
And you take that knowledge
And you fuel yourself.

You write
More and more
Until you feel yourself
Reaching the same state
Of self-actualization
That they had reached before you.

You write
More and more
And every day
Until you’re sick
Of seeing your own words,
But you don’t stop
Until one day
You hit a break through.

You write
And you write
And you keep writing
Because one day
You’ll write something new.

One day
You’ll set the way yourself.