Had things been different
I’m fairly sure
We would have had a different outcome
In all of this.

You and I
Would today be
Standing five years strong.
Although for some reason
I doubt that happiness
Would have been a thing
From either of us.

And then there’s
Another You –
I doubt You and I
Would even be
In this country
Had we stayed locked
In our perpetual state of
Thinking we were good for each other.

I like to think You’d have ended up
Dragging me half way across the world.
And if things were different
I wouldn’t have complained.

Another You, a Third,
I see
As having hurt me nevertheless.
But maybe
In this outcome,
We worked through our hurt
And you stayed
Rather than left me for someone
Better than me.

And finally,
You, the last one,
Are the hardest to imagine.
Maybe this is our outcome –
Maybe this is
Our better chance,
A friendship rather than
A love neither of us
Could feel.

That doesn’t stop me
From sometimes
Turning my eyes over to you
And knowing that
In another world
We would still be together,
In our confusion of personalities.

But then again,
Those who do not
Know their own history
Will always be doomed to repeat it.