At the risk of forgetting who I am,
At the risk of sounding like
I may be a bit too conceited
Or maybe even
Sounding like
I’m trying to be some sort of new Greek Hero,
This is What I Must Do.

I must be good at what I do
But remember to grow
Coz roots may be there
But my full potential isn’t reached yet.

I must remember to be kind,
Not only to others
But also to myself
(Rome wasn’t built in a day, they say).

I must understand that other people
Live in spite
Without knowing why
But that isn’t on me to fix
Or to tolerate.

I must keep my character
Because it is the only thing
That makes me

I must protect my heart
Before anyone else’s feelings,
Even when it wrenches my gut
To do something
That would hurt another.

I must be strong
For the path the stretches before me,
Burnt with starlight
And lined with dreams of a future
I have no control over.

I must be all this.
At the risk of sounding
Like a Greek Hero,
I must never forget what I meant to do.