Every cornerstone runs up to meet you
Like crashing waves that hit
Against bridges that form between
Memories and moments

And each bridge that you come to
Dissolves in a screaming pyre
Of golden flames
That reach up to the sky to illuminate
However briefly
A sky you sometimes forget to notice

Each person you meet,
Each relationship,
Every escaped touch or missed kiss,
Every single moment you thought
‘Maybe this time it’ll work out’
Leaves in a spire of flames
And ends with a small cornerstone
Floating above the water
That leads you glowing to your next step

And every single time
I look back and get sad –
Feel my heart breaking
Simply from the sight of the flames –
I remember that every bridge I burn
Is a step closer to the end

And whether that end by You
Or somebody else;
Be the life I deserve
Or something like it,
At least I have light to go by.