Bundles of joy are hard to welcome
When you’re not even sure you’re ready
To start being
Or careful
Of another human life.

A bundle of joy is a stark reminder
That life goes on.
People leave and people come
And life goes on
And sometimes it goes on so much
It inhabits a body
And goes on
And on
In tiny cries and tiny hands
And tiny steps
That sometimes fragile bodies are afraid to take.

A bundle of joy is a wonderful thing
To accept into your life.
It’s a different experience altogether
To look at a tiny face
Swaddled in blankets
And feel a connection instantly –
Sometimes your body just knows
That you have the same blood
Rushing through your veins.

A bundle of joy
Wrapped up in yellow and white
And sneezing the minute she opens her eyes
Can change your whole life
And your perspective
Simply by grabbing your finger
In one small hand
And smiling at you.

And months will go by
(because life always goes on)
But happiness can always be found
In big brown eyes, always alert,
Sometimes sleepy.

Maybe that’s why they’re called bundles of joy.
Not because they’re happy
But because they make the world better
Simply by being born.