Envy knows not the limits of her feelings.
She will beg and squirm and cry
until All there is left is a once-beautiful woman
screaming for what she cannot have.

Wrath understand not the concept of difference.
All bodies are equally equipped for rage.
It has no form, only armour, genderless,

Sloth sees not the concept of change.
Why launch yourself from comfort to activity?
Was it not Newtown who made a Law about it?

Greed never tires of taking
and taking
and taking.
Greed is a dragon
hell bent on collecting every item
under the sun,
until the entire world rests under its haunches

Gluttony, with wide eyes and strick-thin figure,
has a stomach as big as the void that surrounds us.
His tongue has tasted it all,
and his starved body can never be satisfied.

Lust, like its sibling, has no time for conforming.
Lust takes what gives it pleasure
in whatever form it wants,
taking whatever form it wants.

Pride, the worst of them all,
sits alone stop its throne.
It does not care for petty things
beneath its stature.
Pride, with a face we all know,
sits and enjoys knowing
it is above us all
(or so it thinks).

(or so it thinks).