Don’t tell me
that Shakespeare wouldn’t have used WordPress,
bearing his heart and soul to the world
and sharing it with all his friends.

Don’t tell me
that Emily Bronte wouldn’t have
hours on Tumblr,
creating the prefect theme,
reblogging the most angsty-romantic things
and writing fanfiction.

And don’t get me started on
who would probably have used Excel to make a graph
just as much as any other science student would have.

Lovecraft would have founded creepypasta.
George Orwell would have been a part of Anonymous.
Mozart would have gone to Coachella
to smoke pot with the rest of them.

Tolkien would have played World of Warcraft,
and Lewis would have probably watched
every episode of Firefly five times over.

I mean, for crying out loud,
Jesus would have had a Twitter too
if it got his message across faster!

How dare you tell me
that my convenience is the ruin of
my generation?
Born into another time,
where information lay at your fingertips
and everyone was just a touch of a button away,

wouldn’t you have used it like we do?