It’s about knowing your place in their world
About seeing that they
Need more than just
A friendly smile and a
Half hearted embrace;
They need a little reassurance
That they’re not going crazy
And possibly
For you leave them alone for a while

They need you to let them know
That you’re there
And you care and you love
And let them come to you
If they need it
When they need it

It’s about knowing
That sometimes their needs
Trump your own
And you let them sleep on your sofa
Curled up like they’re trying to hide from the world;
Or you let them cry on your bed
Sobbing because life isn’t fair;
Or you let them hold on to you
Because the only thing they need is an anchor on earth
To remind them that they’re still alive.

It’s not about
What you want from it

It’s what they need.