Darling, I thought
You visited in my dreams
With your angel wings and the scent of
A summer breeze in your hair
And you lay in my bed and
Ran your fingers through my hair
Over the lines on my face
And you were gone by dawn
When I opened my eyes.

Darling, I thought
You were there with me on the cliffs
And that you held my hands in yours,
That you covered me in your essence
As you breathed on my skin
And kissed my neck,
And the sun rose over the clouds
And once again
You were gone.

Darling, I thought
That you climbed through my window
And sat on the sill
Looking out at the stars and counting them
One by one
Your eyes reflecting them in pools of blue
And you turned to me and smiled
And when the sun appeared
I was alone.

Darling, I thought
I saw you lying next to me in the grass
Of a rolling hill filled with flowers
And you were sweet to me,
And gentle and kind
And when I closed my eyes it was heaven,
And when we collided a planet was born…
But then you were gone.

Darling, I thought
That when day break would come today
I would be alone,
Groping at empty sheets for you
But when I turned around,
Eyes to the window,
I met your figure
As you stared out at the dawn,
And I wasn’t alone.

Darling, you turned to me,
The stars reflecting in your eyes
Even after they were long gone,
And you came back to the bed,
Your arms around me,
Your skin with mine
And we connected again,
And again,
And I wasn’t alone.

Darling, I thought I saw you before,
In my dreams,
In a realm far from here.
I thought I met you before,
Somewhere far yet near.
I know you,
I know you well,
I know you better than myself.
And so did you.

I’ve seen you in my dreams.