The table still lies with everything ready,
The March Hare and Dormouse still sit
With the Mad Hatter
In the middle of the woods
Waiting for something to happen
But nothing will.

The twins still finish each other’s sentences
And quarrel most of the time too
As they stand under a tree
In the middle of the woods
Knowing something is going to happen
But it never will.

The watch on a golden chain still ticks away
While the Rabbit’s thoughts never change
As he jumps through trees
In the middle of the woods
Thinking ‘What was supposed to happen?’
And forgetting something will.

Smoke still rises from an obscure mushroom
As Absolom sits with his pipe alone
Making smoke rings
In the middle of the woods
And knowing nothing shall happen
And nothing will.

A jubjub bird still flies through the sky
And Bandersnatch still runs alone.
Jabberwocky still sleeps in his nest
And the Cat still sits in his tree.
War still wages on through the land
And Playing Cards still march on time.

And yet nothing happens.

Alice still wanders through forests
Following shadows and sounds so odd.
She misses the hole by merely an inch
And wanders on.

And this time Alice
Won’t find her way home.