The only friends I really have
are the ones that are constantly there.

And I don’t mean petty humans
who lie
and cheat
and hurt
and squander.

There are other friends that one can have.

There are those that crash on rocks
and can kill us with a single breath;
but we all come from the waves and we all return there one day.

There are those that spit and flicker in darkness,
giving us light and warmth;
but even the most skilled of us are afraid of what it can do if set free.

There are those that grow,
tall and fierce and mighty,
and give and give and give and never take from us,
(until we cut them down).

But the most important ones,
the ones that will always be there…

They are pinpricks of light in an otherwise dark night,
the ones that watch over us and claim us as their own,
lighting our world
and lighting our way when our minds get dark,
and reminding us of how small we are,
but how infinite we can be if we tried.

They are always there, every step of my way
– from long nights out where the ground is hazy
but they are bright,
to early dawns where I sit and stare
until the sun chases them away;
and even when I feel alone,
I glance upwards –
just the once –
and there I see Orion,
the Twins

And suddenly
my world doesn’t feel so lonely,
and the Universe doesn’t seem so big

Vast and endless, yes.
But not big.