Don’t tell

I want to take you to Paris
So I can propose under the Eiffel Tower
Under one of its legs
In broken French so it’ll be romantic
(And you’ll laugh and tell me to speak English)
So I’ll just give you
A bunch of your favourite flowers
And a beautiful ring.

I want to live with you on the Spanish coast
So every day we can look out the window
And far away there’s the sea
And know that life doesn’t get any more peaceful
Anymore perfect
Than this.

I want to ride bikes with you in Italy
And be tourists together
Just taking pictures of everything
And eating the local food
And trying to speak the language
And walking through the streets at night and knowing that
We’re safe as long as we’re together.

I want to spend Christmas in London
With our necks bundled up
And the cold nipping on
But our hands are warm in each other’s
As we pull each other across the street
And feel the pulse of the city
Beneath our feet.

I want to have a home –
You see, a house is different
Than a home –
With you,
Somewhere in the world
Where we can hide away from everyone else
And just be us.
I don’t care where
I don’t care how.
But I want a home
And it has to be with you.

Don’t tell
I’ll follow you wherever you’ll take me