I am the same air
that breathes into sails
and chills bodies to the core.

I am the same earth
that grows your food
and can wreck your house
with a mighty shake.

I am one with the sea
that trashes to the rocks.
I am the rocks
that break your bones.

I am a flower born of spite;
I am a spider web made from forgiveness;
I am a diamond that glitters with poison;
I am the rain that kills your crops.

I am the gold you covet
and the metal you use as weapons.

I am the ice you melt on your tongue
and the fire that burns your blood.

I am the stars that lead your shining way
and the darkness that blinds your night.

I am as much the world
as you are

How dare you treat me as less?

I am one with the earth.
I am a force to be reckoned with.