“So,” you said
“It’s time for me to go.”
Your bags were packed
Your life was set
You flew away from our safe nest.
I know it’s not the end
And I know you’ll still come around
But truth is
I really miss you.

I wish it wasn’t so hard
To have to say ‘goodbye’;
And I hope you know
I’m happy for you…
But I don’t want to miss you.

It won’t be the same
To wake up in the morning
And not find you there
Bleary eyed and doped,
Waiting to use the bathroom;

Walking into the bathroom
After you used it
And smelling your perfume;

Hearing you belt out songs
Off-key and without a care,
Or laughing your deep, happy laugh;

Watching you be happy
Over some stupid football game
While stuffing your face;

Hearing the key turn
At two in the morning
When you came back from a night out;

But most of all I’ll miss
Walking into your room
And just looking at you,
Just knowing that you’re next door.

I’ll miss you
And it’s gonna be hard
To lock the door tonight
Without you inside the house.

I love you bro,
And I’ll never forget
Our dance
Or that night.

And I will always look up to you,
Always admire you,
And always respect you.

But it’s still hard
To close the door tonight
Without you inside.