He stands,
His eyes search hungrily over a sea of eager faces.
He breathes,
The words coming to his mind easily.
He stretches his arms,
His presence fills the dusty space.
He calls,
His voice rings over a hall of listening ears.
He captivates them,
His movements fluid and hypnotic
Ten feet high on a platform above
A sea of faces.

For the night he is
Whatever he is not normally.
For one life time he is
A man of a thousand voices
A thousand faces
And a thousand words.

He speaks,
Knowing his words have meaning.
He changes,
But forever will he remain this way.

He stands,
Alone on the stage he owns and commands.
He breathes,
The smell of the theatre closing in on him.
He stretches his arms,
And claims it all his own.
He calls,
He knows he can be heard.
He captivates the world,
He will never be forgotten.
Ten feet high on a platform
Above the world.