My dreams scare me sometimes…
When they have no apparent meaning
It’s OK
Because in the dream everything makes sense.
But once I wake up
And stare at the ceiling
Early the next day
I start to muse
And wonder
Why an old friend-come-enemy was in there
Why a new friend suddenly died
Why my mother told me to abandon him
Why I was alone…

That’s when my dreams scare me,
When my waking mind puts the pieces together
And when the waking world becomes just as scary,
When I just can’t look at that old friend the same way
When I can’t look my new friends in the eye
When I avoid talking about him with my mother
When I try to be around as many people as possible…

Is it true?
That dreams are an echo of the real world?
That all we are afraid to think
All we know is true
Is projected into our dreams
And the product
Shakes us to the core…

I dread when night comes
When the sleep starts to edge closer
When dreaming becomes more vivid…

Please forgive me
If I ever snap at you
Or blank you out.

It’s not me.
It’s the demons of my mind,
The ones that haunt my nights,
The ones that speak in my dreams…

That is my fear.
My mind
And all that is in it.