We never thought –
Never gave a second to the thought –
That one day we would be caught.

And here I am
With my gaze fixed at the floor –
That immaculately tiled
White floor –
And an accidental glare
On my face
As I raise my eyes to look
Ever so slightly
At the person I called

“And you say
They had a gun?”

Your Honour.”

“And you say
They killed two people?”

Your Honour.”

“Over ruled.”

I turn my head slightly
To look at her.
She’s handcuffed
And we’re both being sentenced
All because
I never hid that gun.

I take in a deep breath
And the Big Guy makes a movement.
They pull us up
And make us stand
In front of the judge
And as we stand there –
Clean and suited up
With our hands tied in front of us –
He tells us
That we’re about to lose
The next twenty years of our lives.

And as we sit in that van
That carries us to a cell each
She looks at me
And I look at her
And she gives me a small,
Wane smile
Which I return.

She didn’t betray me.