A train station, Chris sitting on the bench with luggage at his feet. A sign showing their location stands behind him. Setting will not change for the rest of the play.

INTERCOM: Attention all commuters, the 8.15 train to London has experienced difficulties, and will be delayed by one hour. Thank you for your attention and patience.

CHRIS: Fuck.

Jemma walks in, lugging a large duffel bag with her, looking around distractedly. She plops herself down next to Chris.

JEMMA: This is for the train going to London, right?

CHRIS: Yeah.

JEMMA: OK, cool.

Silence descends between them for a while before. Jemma tries to start up a conversation again.

JEMMA: So, you’re going on holiday or something?

CHRIS: Why would you think…oh, the luggage. Uh, no, not a holiday.

JEMMA: Business?

CHRIS: Is this any of your business?

JEMMA: Guess not…

Silence falls between them again. Jemma continuously paces up and down, occasionally leaves the stage and comes back to her bag again.

CHRIS: Aren’t you a little young to be traveling on your own, kid?

JEMMA: I’m eighteen.

CHRIS: And you’re going on a train to London because…?

JEMMA: I don’t think that’s any of your business.

CHRIS: Well if you’re running away or something…

JEMMA: What, you’ll call the police on me?

CHRIS: No. I won’t. But we are going to be here for an hour, so you might as well tell me what you’re running away from.

JEMMA: Like you said, we have an hour. I can tell you later.

Jemma gets up, stretches her legs and grabs a purse from her duffel bag.

JEMMA: Do you want anything to eat? That vending machine has Walkers and Cadbury stuff in it.

CHRIS: No thanks, kid.

JEMMA: My name’s Jemma.

CHRIS: My name’s Chris.