I believe
That there is more than just
One first kiss.

There’s your first kiss when it’s awful
And that mouth on yours feels
And a little too wet.

Your first proper kiss
Where a little spark goes off
And you feel like you could do this

Your first kiss after a break up
Where you feel that maybe –
Just maybe –
You could be happy again with someone new.

That first kiss in the rain
Where you feel the water
And the wind
And it feels like everything’s new now.

And the first kiss under a street light
Where it’s you, it’s them
And they are all there is, and they are so

When you confess you love them,
And the first kiss after that
Is full of promises and

The first kiss after a long night together,
Where you lean over them,
And you’re both very lazy,
But so very content.

But the most important first kiss
Is the kiss when you finally know.
When you kiss them,
You feel rested.
And you could be content with just that first
Because this is the person.
This is the last piece of the puzzle.