I’ve learnt…
That it’s irrelevant of how perfect you are
‘Coz the grass is greener on the other side.

That your true friends will stand by you
Even if the whole world is passing you by.

That you should try your best to smile
‘Coz it makes you – and everyone else – happier.

That you should never follow the rainbow,
You won’t find a pot of gold, just a cup of tokens.

That you should never leave work to the last minute,
‘Coz then you’ll just go crazy.

That if you think you’ve got it tough,
Just smile at life and keep walking on.

That life is full of things to learn
And that you’ll never learn it all.

I’ve learnt…
That no matter how much you care
Some people just aren’t worth it.

That everyone’s faked it…
At least once…

That the people that really matter
Leave all too soon.

That the whisky never, ever
Helps you forget.

That the better you are
The worse life seems to be.

That the coffee always
Goes cold.

That if you love someone
Letting them go doesn’t work.

That a friend in need
Is a friend to be avoided.

That if she’s meant to be his
He should run after her.

That if you try to be a friend
You’ll only get stabbed in the back.

That if you try as hard as you can
You’ll find someone who’ll actually help.

That if you walk alone
Eventually, you’ll find another loner to walk with.

That nobody, no matter how bad their life was
Will ever die alone.