“I think there’s a ghost in my room.”
Don’t be silly, there’s no one but you and me here.
“Are you sure?”
Yes, yes. Now, talk to me. Tell me about your day.
“Michael put glue in my hair today. I cried a little but then Michael and the teacher had a talk. Teacher said he does it coz he likes me.”
What else?
“I saw a really pretty bird today. All blue and white.”
That’s nice.
“Are you sure I’m safe, Herbert?”
I’m sure. There are no ghosts here, darling Susan, just you and me.
“OK. Thank you for keeping me safe.”
It’s perfectly fine. Now, be quiet, Father is coming up the stairs.

“Yeah, Daddy?”
“Who are you talking to?”
“Who’s that? Where…where did you hear that name?”
“Him. he told me. He’s standing over there.”
“There’s nothing there, darling.”
“He keeps me safe from ghosts.”
“…OK darling. Goodnight.”

He’s gone?
“Are you sure we’re OK?”
We’re safe. nothing but you and me.
“OK. Herbert, why can’t Daddy see you?”
He could once, but he forgot about me a long time ago. Our father is a forgetful man.
“What do you mean?”
Nothing, Susan. Go to sleep. Your big brother is here.