They say “Love is Blind”, and they’re right. I am. I see perfectly fine, thank you, but the person you fall in love with means nothing to me, other than that they are a person.

You could love a person who does not speak your tongue.

Or someone from a completely different race, culture.

Have you ever considered the possibility of the same sex? No? Well that girl over there is suddenly really beautiful as she drinks her coffee huh? Or that guy at the gym you always noticed but never looked at? He’s kind of cute… for a guy.

Oh, I don’t care who falls in love as long as you do. Love makes the world what it is: a truly beautiful place. If you could all see the world through red, then you’d be happier! Love makes the heart sin, the soul crave, the mind open.

Have you ever wondered how much more selfless people in love are? I don’t blame them. Falling in love is opening yourself up to someone else. And with that you let in so much more than just one measly person. You let in the whole world. Accidentally, of course.

Love is a very splendid thing.

I love my job… though I myself can never truly love.

Though, better the whole world loves than just a minor god, huh?